“Lee Hoiby: A Pocket of Time” showcases Julia’s unparalleled artistry. She makes the text come alive and gives a true and worthy performance of a collection of songs from the great American composer, Lee Hoiby. You will find yourself lost and enraptured in truly captivating American art song.

Below is a review from Joanne Sydney Lessner of Opera News
August, 2009
“The surprise on this disc is not how beguiling Lee Hoiby’s songs are but what an expressive pianist he is. The composer accompanies soprano Julia Faulkner and baritone Andrew Garland on selected songs, some dating as far back as 1950, some written as recently as 2007. Hoiby’s songs hide their complexity well. While there’s a straightforwardness to many of them, they are still intricately wrought and require serious vocal ability…Faulkner[’s]…sumptuously creamy voice is capable of delicate pianissimos, shimmering high climaxes and affecting phrasing…Garland brings a fuller, caressing sound and more point of view to the cycle I Was There: Five Poems of Walt Whitman, especially the stirring “Oh Captain! My Captain!” and “Joy, Shipmate, Joy!”…Faulkner gives an impassioned rendering of “Lady of the Harbor,” a brief, but potent setting of Emma Lazarus’s famous paean to the Statue of Liberty, and manages a delicate tenderness in “The Lamb.” Faulkner is very much at home in the Straussian “Lied der Liebe” and the jazzy, mercurial “Nuits,” and she delivers the oldest and youngest songs, “Pierrot” (1950) and “A Pocket of Time” (2007) beautifully. She is at her most direct in Hoiby’s catchiest tune, the folksy anthem “Where the Music Comes From,” a legitimate earworm.”

Songs Included on the Disc:
“A Pocket of Time”
“Night Songs”
“Songs for Leontyne: No. 5. In the Wand of the Wind”
“Three Women: No.2. Lady of the Harbor”
“2 Songs of Innocence”
“Where the Music Comes From”
“To An Isle in the Water”
“Winter and Summer”
“Lied der Liebe”
“I Was There”
No. 1 “Beginning My Studies”
No. 2 “I Was There”
No. 3 “A Clear Midnight”
No. 4 “O Captain! My Captain!”
No. 5 “Joy, Shipmate, Joy!”
“Songs for Leontyne: No. 3 Autumn”
“Songs for Leontyne: No. 2 Evening”
“The Darkling Thrush”
“Last Letter Home”
“Goodby, Goodby World”
“The Nightingale and the Lark” duet from A Month in the Country



A photo from the recording session:

Bill Lutes, Martha Fischer, Lee Hoiby, Julia Faulkner