“Between the Bliss and Me” is Julia’s most recent recording. 

Here is the review of “Between the Bliss and Me” by Robert A Moore from American Record Guide, May 2013:
“The performances are first rate. Faulkner’s commanding voice and probing of text make for riveting listening. Fischer’s accompaniment is commendable, and Hoiby’s deft and nimble accompaniment ensures that we hear the songs as he wanted them heard. If you are interested in songs by important American composers, you will find this most worthwhile.”
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“I felt a funeral in my brain” by Copland

“There came a wind like a bugle” by Copland

“How the waters closed” by Lee Hoiby

“A Letter” by Lee Hoiby

“The shining place” by Lee Hoiby

“The Chariot” by Copland

“The world feels dusty” by Copland

“Heart we will forget him” by Copland

“I’m nobody! Who are you” by Copland

“There came a wind like a bugle” by Lee Hoiby

“Wild nights” by Lee Hoiby

“How the waters closed” by Lee Hoiby

“I never saw a moor” by Pearson-Thomas

“It’s all I have to bring” by Bacon

“Nature the gentlest mother” by Copland

Full list of songs included on disk:
“Poems of Nature”
“Poems of Identity”
“Poems of Love”
“Poems of Death”
“Poems of Immortality”
Lee Hoiby, “The Shining Place”